We believe every child deserves a bedtime story.

Bonnie Kintzer, Chair, 40 Million Stories Campaign
​CEO & President of Trusted Media Brands, Inc.​
Chairman of Reader’s Digest Foundation 

Deployments and separation continue to be a reality for military families. Each year, more than 100,000 military parents are deployed leaving nearly 250,000 children at home. With a conservative 6-month separation, these children have 180 nights without their parent at home for bedtime stories.

That’s 40 million missed stories each year by military children.

With United Through Reading’s mission to connect military families through the read-aloud experience, we can deliver many of these stories each year. But there are still millions of stories left to send home.

Our goal is to bridge the gap, starting with delivering 11 million stories in 2018.

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Parents reading daily to their children may be one of the greatest protective factors for families during deployment.

“To some it may just be a man being recorded reading a book but to me it was so much more. It was reassurance from my husband that I am not alone, that despite the miles he is supporting me, supporting our family and the new chapter of parenthood we are crossing into.”

– Hannah Simmons, UTR mom-to-be and military spouse

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United Through Reading strengthens military families with shared reading and bedtime routines.

“We have found that having a regular, consistent bedtime routine helps not only Madyson, but us as parents too because we all know what to expect each evening once we say to Madyson ‘Okay, it’s 7 pm and it’s time to get ready for bed.’”

– Melissa Rognlie, UTR mom and military spouse

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